Vajra – Dorje

Vajra Dorje

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The Vajra is an unparalleled weapon representing the upaya the effective way that destroys ignorance. The symbol of two crossed vajras called vishvavajra and in Tibetan dorje gyatram or “double vajra”. The Sanskrit name is linked to a cosmological myth that claims it was the first object of the universe to take shape from wind. Vajra is the symbol of effective action for excellence and the attribute of the Buddha transcendent Amogasiddhi head of the family of karma. The sign of vishva vajra is printed on the base of statues to mark their completion.

In Buddhist rituals the Vajra, dorje is often used with the bell ghanta. It then respectively symbolizes the masculine and feminine effective action or compassion and wisdom.

The prefix or Vajra dorje can be added to many words, demonstrating their association with the Tantric ritual or transcendent aspect.

Many deities bear a name prefixed by Vajra and are represented with a Vajra in their hand.

  • Vajrasattva keeps in his right hand up to the heart, in his left hand he holds the bell returned to its knees.
  • Vajrapani carries a Vajra in his right hand.
  • The dharmakaya Vajradhara holds a Vajra in each of his hands he holds cross on the chest.
  • Akshobhya Buddha keeps a Vajra in his left hand while the right it takes the earth to witness.
  • In Padmasambhava is known as Vajra Guru according his mantra.