Buddhist Ritual Items & Symbols

Buddhism is one of the most established world religions that history has ever seen. Over the great expanse of time, it has quietly established its own set of symbolisms – symbols that are as old as time itself. This is only but natural with all the religions of the civilized world. And as such, many of these Buddhist religious symbols are considere

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Dharma Crafts

Welcome to Dharma Crafts

Buddha Book

Dharma Crafts offers and provide all kinds of Buddhist ritual items and religious crafts related to Hindu, Jain, Buddhist Tibetan dharma implements and objects.

We provide and make Tibetan ritual items and crafts ranging from handicrafts like prayer wheels, prayer flags, prayer ghau, prayer drums, mandalas, bhumpa, trumpets, sangdung, Tibetan prayer beads bugle, cymbals, torma, butter lamps, offering bowls, bhumba, trumpets, ting, water vase in copper, gold and sivler metal, incense, decorative cloth items like tsekhor, ganzen, kaffen, zindu, wall hangings, Buddhist curtains, rupas, malas, beads, lama cloth, khada,tashi delek, thangka paintings etc.

Our speciality in making Tibetan ritual crafts and implements like phurpa or phurba , three sided magic dagger or thunderbolt, vajra ghanti , bell dorje, silver 5 storeys mandalas, repousse arts, decorative crafts, ridha chukoor, tibetn copper prayer wheel, big prayer wheel, teapots, bhumba, bhumpa, kapala, offering bowls, gongs and more which we bring you directly from artisans and manufacturers.