Tibetan Bell Ghanta

Tibetan Ghanta With Cover & Dorje

Tibetan Ghanta With Cover & Dorje

The ghanta is a bell that represents the sound, repeating mantras. The eight syllables seed in the bell representing the female consorts. The vajra symbolizes the method or means skillful, the male principle and the gantha represents wisdom the female principle. The sound of gantha also represents the body and speaks bright while the vajra represents the enlightened mind.

The ancient scriptures say that both the wisdom without skillful means when the means are skillful wisdom without is a captive. So do not leave any one of the two. The Vajra Ghanta.

In Vajrayana Buddhism the vajra is insured with the right hand and the bell with the left hand. Other meanings deeper on the symbolism of the vajra and gantha should only be taught by qualified teachers of Vajrayana tradition.

Treaties as a form of duality the vajra represents the active principle the method for lighting and conversion the actual manifestation of the Buddha while the bell is the Perfection of Wisdom prajna paramita known as the emptiness, Shunyata. In the state of union, however, the vajra includes both coefficients of lighting, the method and wisdom.